9507_458554577531151_151872616_nEric Draven is certainly not your typical Club DJ.  Imbued with an electric taste in music, he spins it all – electronic, dance and house music, R&B, Hip-hop and Latin. Draven separates himself from other Club DJs by his inimitable fusion of genres that creates a new, invigorating and exciting sound. What started as a fun-loving fling has evolved into a passionate and committed love affair with music entertainment.

Draven’s flourishing career began with an interest in a variety of music genres, particularly Top 40, progressive and trance music. Eventually Tech House music became his favorite, and over time, he developed his own skillful, highly-charged and immutable style.

Draven complimented his love and interest in music by studying Recording & Arts Engineering at Full Sail University. With time and dedication to his craft, he honed his skills at the turntable and he developed his own unique style.

His talent and commitment won many admirers as his professionalism was also duly noted. Stints at numerous top clubs raised his profile and resulted in an extraordinarily successful gig at 95.3 FM  (The Party), one of the biggest radio stations in Orlando, FL.


While loving the experience of live radio, Draven’s heart missed the instantaneous and electric feedback of a live audience, and he returned to the club scene to entertain his audiences. He states that he simply wants to entertain and enjoys being plugged in to a live crowd; “In the club and live performances the audience feedback is immediate. You know exactly what the people want. With the flip of my wrist I can adapt to the audience’s mood. On live radio, not so much.” According to Draven, “The club scene is where purity lives”.

After a successful 2011, DJ Draven was asked to join “Team Radio, as part of the supporting lineup for the rising artist, L L Radio. This appealed to Draven as he felt being the spin master for a rising star is a lot like spinning at the club. “While the music selection is limited to the performance, the night scene is similar”.

Collaborating with L.L. Radio in a producer/DJ capacity enabled Draven to share his knowledge and expertise with his peers and also gave him the opportunity to spin  in Miami which in turn led to spinning at notable establishment such as Villa 221 and Amnesia Night Clubs to name but a few, which once again increased his growing profile. As a DJ for Team Radio, Draven has spun at a variety of high profile events such as Called Ocho in Miami and live on Telemundo, which was broadcasted throughout Latin America. These two engagements were followed by performances at the Latin Billboard Awards Bash Party with L.L. Radio. His most recent appearances include being featured on The Daily Buzz in Orlando, and performing at L.A.X. in Vegas with L.L. Radio and Miss Florida 2011 Kristina Janolo.